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In March 2007, Darrell Roberts assumed the position of CEO of Wal-Tech Valve. Mr. Roberts recently retired from Chevron USA with over 25 years experience in their maintenance planning department.
"Wal-Tech Valve has a long history of quality work, we are dedicated to continuing this tradition and improving services for our client base," stated Mr. Roberts. "We are committed to our employees to grow in the industry and to offer quality valve service at a competitive price."

Darrell's youngest son, Matt Roberts from the group Three Doors Down - www.3doorsdown.com is also a partner of Wal-tech Valve. Together the two hope to revolutionize the valve industry.

Wal-Tech Valve can provide the valve service you need, when you need it! We offer factory trained technicians for repairs in manual valve, safety valve, control valve and electric actuators. Should you need to purchase a valve, contact one of our inside sales representatives to get the best delivery at the best price. At Wal-Tech Valve we understand just how busy you are; let us take the worry out of valve repair. Call us today for peace of mind. Click here to learn more about Wal-Tech Valve.
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Always providing excellent service! Wal-Tech Valve provides complete management of your valve maintenance and repair requirements from 24 hour a day, 7 day a week emergency service for critical repairs to complete management of your valve repair and maintenance activities during scheduled outages or maintenance turnarounds.